Holiday seasons are knocking our door, and from now on till the New Year, we will have lots of opportunities to celebrate our holidays and festivals more with our family and friends. With all the celebration, how do you avoid putting on extra pounds by sticking to your diet? In simpler words, did you manage to lose weight or gain weight?

Some studies show that an average man gains up to 3-7lbs in their holidays. Another study showed that this often happens to those who are already overweighted.

They gradually gain their weight up to 8-10lbs during their holidays. And do you know what is worse than this? Most of the people are found that they never lose their weight, which they have gained, and it gradually increases from time to time.

By keeping all the studies aside, the more important thing is YOU. The most thing matters are your health and weight which have gained or lose in the holidays. Did you found yourself putting on some extra weight over the holidays?

Are you interested in losing your excess pounds without sacrificing your favorite foods, parties, and gatherings? If you are interested, then the good thing is, yes, it is possible to lose some extra pounds without sacrificing your parties and gatherings.

Holiday weight gain becomes a challenge

In the United States, the holiday season starts in October with Halloween and earlier in some religions. During this time, if you take your kid to the door next to your home, you will fill up your house with candies and chocolates which last till the decade.

After that, we will be having Thanksgiving. An average daily intake of calories should be 1800-2400 a day, depending on your height and weight. But do you know how much calories does Thanksgiving meal carries? It often gives around 3000+ calories a meal. This is the stats of a meal alone.

However, we didn’t count appetizers and starters, which generally give 1500 calories. Though, it is stated that having a single Thanksgiving meal will double up your intake calories per day. The Thanksgiving dinner also carries tons of sugar and fats, which will not help you to be slim and fit only.

If you look at a Thanksgiving holiday that comes in a whirl of luncheons, house parties, family gatherings, and office parties, the opportunities of putting up weight and enjoying the party are plentiful. Whether it be a Christmas, Kwanza, Chanukah, or any other holiday, you will likely have a single holiday feast to be around with your family. These meals will also carry 3000+ calories per meal.

There is no surprise why people gain their pounds during their holiday time. With all those delicious foods in parties and candies, many people throw out their diet chart and think there is no way to avoid extra pounds without sacrificing your favorite food during holidays.

Now, it’s enough to talk about how much weight we put during holidays, and now let’s start talking about how to lose weight without sacrificing your favorites.

How to lose weight and still manage to enjoy your favorite treats and festivals

You must know that it is impossible in this world. So, that’s why there is nothing such an impossible thing in losing weight along with your enjoyment of treats.

You will have to be a bit smart and find a more stylish way to enjoy your holiday and holiday treats.  The most which you have to keep in mind how to keep your body fit in between all this.

This is the essential thing which most of the people avoid and end up gaining extra pounds.

1. DO NOT Skip Meal During Party Days

Most people often think that they should skip their meals on the part-day and will make up in the upcoming feast. But I’m afraid that’s not right. You will feel hungrier and will end up overeating, which will harm your body.

Instead of doing this, you should have a good healthy meal that will satisfy your body and help you to take small portions during the party and meals. For example, you can make a Green smoothie as a pre-party meal, which high in nutrients and fiber, which will give you a satisfactory feeling.

2. Use Portion Control

While you are attending the party, you have the idea that there will be tons of food. It’s also likely to be productive and not that healthy for your body. Instead of grabbing up the vast portion of cake, try to take a small piece of cake.

Learn to put control of your share. You must try all the food which you enjoy. But it would be best if you kept in mind that you must try a few bites. In this way, you can enjoy your food correctly and also can avoid excess.

3. Replacement Of Meal With a Green Smoothie

Along with your holiday treats, you should help your body re-balance by taking healthier, well-balanced food. Eat different veggies and fruits daily, which will help your body to clear out the overabundance of sugars, fats, and empty calories you intake in the festive season. You should replace at least one meal with a Green smoothie for getting fresh feeling and counter-attack the effects during holiday seasons

4. Don’t Be Restless

It would be best if you never let your exercise routine fail during the holidays. It would be best if you always did some workouts in a daily manner. If you are attending many events and parties during holidays, you should give extra time to exercise to cope with your body.

5. Quick Detox During the Holidays

Keep a few days in between your festival dates for detoxifying the body, which will knock out the excess in your body. Make a tasty and healthy green smoothie, which will help a lot to detoxify your body correctly. Once the festivals are coming to an end during the New year, it will be high time to take longer detoxification and easily reset your daily diet. 

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The easiest way to avoid excess weight during holidays

Why should you wait for the New Year to come? If you keep waiting, you will start gaining more and more weight until that time, which will be even tougher for you to loosen up. It will be easy to follow your routine daily, and early, it will be valid for keeping your body healthy and fit.

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